Home Maintenance

If your home structure, your air conditioner and appliances are properly maintained, they can last for years without experiencing major repairs. Semiannual inspections and maintenance will ensure the quality of your home and will extend the life and functionality of your systems.

Florida residents know that there is a price to pay for living in paradise. Our homes are exposed to corrosive salts, high temperatures, and some of the most extreme humidity in the United States. The combination of these factors makes it very important to get routine maintenance.





Twice a year:

• Change smoke detector batteries*
• Replace ceiling light bulbs*
• Change/clean filters, microwave, fridge*
• Inspect for any water, mold, grout, caulking damage
• Inspect visible plumbing and appliance connections for leaks
• Inspect exterior paint, caulking and stucco for cracks
• Inspect lanai, pool and screen enclosure
• Drain water heater annually
• Clean dryer vent to remove lint buildup annually
*Parts will be billable at the time of replacement


Covers labor for any repairs to your basic electric appliances:
• Refrigerator with ice maker
• Range with self-clean**
• Hot Water heater
• Garbage Disposal
• Dishwasher
• Clothes Washer/Dryer
• Wine Cooler
• Microwave
*Available with Diamond package only
**Range is electric only, not gas

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Twice a year:

• Spot paint rust as needed
• Vacuum condensate lines
• Clean drain pan
• Change or clean air filter*
• Inspect electrical connections
• Inspect thermostat, recalibrate and change batteries*
• Clean accessible coils
• Refrigerant check operations
• Inspect pressures
• Measure amperage draw
• Wax condensing unit
• Inspect blower wheel**
• Inspect fan belts
• Inspect and lubricate motors
*Parts will be billable at the time of replacement
**Blower wheel cleaning is not part of routine maintenance


Covers labor for any repairs to items covered for the A/C unit
when the A/C maintenance package is purchased
*Available with Platinum and Diamond packages only



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